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Are you ready to start selling?

Have you discussed your business plan with potential customers? Are you ready to focus on sales and growth rather than on research and development? Then we are likey to be a good match.


Global Business Labs doesn’t focus especially on innovation-based products, but on pure and simple business in general. We identify businesses that are capable of succeeding in selling their product or service, regardless of its kind. If you have an idea that is easy to communicate, a clear picture of the market and convincing proofs-of-concept – then our model will be valuable for you.


Do you have the best team ever? 

To build a successful company you really need a well-balanced team of highly motivated individuals. This is probably the most important thing of all.

As Global Business Labs focuses solely on business, having the right competence is an essential condition for applying to our program. At least one person in your team must have an ongoing or completed business education, and you should not be going at it alone. Whether the industry requires more technical competences or not, being a team is important to keep the engine running when one or more people are away at sales meetings or business trips.


Is your business scalable?

We are looking for startups with the potential to grow into large-scale, international companies. Do you have an international mind-set and a product or service that can succeed both at home and abroad?


Your international ambitions should be supported by a scalable business model that can sustain fast growth after being established. A typical scalable model would be one that is capable of serving many customers without having to make large investments in capacity before each expansion of the client base.  

If your answer is yes to the questions above, you should definitely apply to the Global Business Labs program. How you do that? Read more under Apply.  


How to apply

Read below about the three main steps of the applying process – yes, it’s quite a long process and we are very picky about which companies we accept into our programmes. This is for everyones best. We need to be careful with human and financial resources, and your company must be suitable for our model to be able to take advantage of it. With this said, we wish you the best of luck.

Screening meeting

Contact us and we will set you up for a meeting! This is the first step in deciding whether your company and Global Business Labs are a good match.


Now it is time for you to hand in a written application and a business plan. We will give you feedback and we expect you to work on it.

Selection Committee meeting

Step three: You present your business to prominent representatives from the local business community and academia. If they say yes, you’re in.